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The MTB Scene in the AV

So you know by now that we have built a pretty strong road scene but now our focus is to increase the mountain bike scene to match. So far in 2014 we have done a pretty good job and the participation has quadrupled. The Specialized demo helped a ton & the rain improved the riding areas. Now we are bringing in riders to help stimulate. Tonight Rotem Ishay will be doing a mountain bike seminar here at the shop at 6:00 pm. ImageRotem is Israeli National Mountain Bike Champion and rides for the Jamis Factory Team. He has come to the AV to stay with us do a little training between the Bonelli and Fontana MTB Nationals and promote his sponsor Jamis Bicycles. Rotem is a super cool approachable pro who loves to talk mountain biking. We hope that a ton of you get to come meet him and listen to what he has to offer. It is not just for competitive riders, anyone who rides will enjoy his presentation and question and answer.


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The Specialized Mountain Bike Demo was a huge hit!!! The entire core MTB group of the Antelope Valley greeted ┬áthe demo and showed us a ton of local trails. Rick “O-Shay” gave us a tour of the newly built trails which are some of the best we have ever had out here. After this past rain the trails were tacky and the riding was amazing! 40+ riders demo’ed bikes and the new culture is now in place. There are currently organized rides on Mondays and Thursdays up on the hill as well as the Jr Devo program on Wednesday afternoons at the Block Shop.