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Jr Development Program – Full Steam Ahead


So we took a group of kids from completely different backgrounds and put them on bikes and they spend a couple of hours a week together. This is a progress report of our first month together. Just like in the movie The Breakfast Club these kids come from entirely different worlds. We have: the boy scout, the scholar, the cowgirl, the video ┬ájunkie, the bmxer & the princess just to stereotype a few. What we find is that they all have the common love of the bicycle and they just can not get enough. The best part of our program is it isn’t about the competition with each other. The goal is just to be better than yesterday. These kids (every one of them) make huge gains every week both in fitness and technique. They love coming out, spending time with their new found friends and getting coached to be better bike handlers and athletes!



Sean McElroy is the fastest 15 year old on a bike in the nation. He has 7 National Titles to prove it in 4 different disciplines. Sean started as an 8 year old on the Block Bikes Team and has steadily improved year to year. Sean is in his 3rd season on the Specialized Factory Junior Team and still comes out to our Jr. Devo training, not as a rider but as a coach. He has brought it full circle and to watch him with the kids gives us the ultimate pride. Here is a kid destine to become a cycling legend and he is passing on his experience to local kids who a few weeks ago could barely ride dirt trails.




Our group is mostly made up of passionate riders (not so much racers) and their parents. The option to train to race is there but not necessary. We just want to share our passion and experience. If we can build another Sean McElroy that would be awesome but the goal is to unplug the kids from all electronics and have an outside experience. As kids we were outside until the streetlights came on. That seems to be a time lost in history. Now we take a few hours a week and put kids, their friends, and parents out in a dirt field together and watch the smiles blossom.

We invite anyone interested in riding with us to come out on Wednesdays at 5:00pm for a couple of hours and see if it doesn’t make you smile. The focus is on kids but everyone is welcome!!!