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Unmatched Friendships

This week we found ourselves bidding farewell to a group icon of Block Bikes. Dave Hinkins is off to the mid-west to further his education and new career opportunities. Nearly 70 riders joined us this week for the Saturday Morning Road Ride.
We had an after party which more than half the group stuck around for. Words can not describe our feelings for the group that has developed from this ride. Friendships and relationships have blossomed and it is way more than just a bike ride!
People use the term family way too loosely. We prefer terms like brotherhood, union, tribe or partnership as there is way too much dysfunction in family these days… The partnership that we have developed with our riders is the biggest reward we could ever ask for in small business. We are so proud to have been a part of Dave’s cycling progress over the past few years. Even more than that we are proud of the way our group continues to welcome new riders and support each other.
This week was bitter-sweet having Dave leave while also knowing that we are better people for knowing him and being part of each others lives. Dave will continue to excel in both cycling and life, and a New “Dave” will take his place in our group. The earth will continue to revolve and Block Bikes will continue to evolve! Best of luck Dave from your Block partners!!!