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I use a quote every day: “the minute you throw your leg over a bicycle it is a race”. Some people take it literally but I am going to define it the best that I can. As human beings we all like to be noticed (some waaaay more than others) but we in one form or another are seeking popularity. Also as human beings we tend to take the easy way out. Fad diets, Lazy Man wax for your car, permanent press, baby mop outfits, etc… We ride to lose weight, we ride to beat up or get beat up by our friends, we ride to enjoy our friends company, we ride to clear our minds – but most of all we ride to get better at riding. Whether it is faster speed, shorter time or longer distance we are racing to improve. The beauty of the bicycle is it allows this improvement to happen.

You can do your very first bike ride at 35 years old and with dedication you are capable of being your best ever in your late 50s and well into your 60s. How many other things in life is this true? We keep improving – we keep “racing”. Racing: “A situation in which individuals compete to achieve a particular objective.” Back to the original: “the minute you throw your leg over a bicycle it is a race”. We want to get better, we suffer, we work, we achieve. Then we take time off and it all tumbles down and we start again. But each time it becomes easier because the base exists and experience allows us to repeat the process more efficiently. We race ourselves to allow us to improve. It never gets easier. We get faster, stronger, we’re able to go longer. That is the race. Cycling rejects laziness, it simply doesn’t allow it. That is why everyone is not cycling. But for those of us who get it… We’ll you see us out there “racing”.