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Originality and Loyalty

Two of the most important things to us and our business model is to be creative and provide the best cycling experience possible! We have spent the last 10 years creating a living bicycle scene in Antelope Valley. The friends and network that has been created is second to none. We have seen so many “passionate” bikers come and go in the last decade, yet somehow we have survived and grown every year. This isn’t a testament to us it is a compliment to our network – a compliment to you.

We grew up as BMX kids. This was in a time where there was “true loyalty”. You picked a team and stuck with them – win or lose. You didn’t wear a Nike hat with Converse. You wore the entire package, you were all in. This support and loyalty is what made these companies big and strong and allowed them to still exist today. GT was the biggest BMX company in existence back in the late 80s early 90s. This was due to the fact that Rich Long had vision and he knew how to implement it. Never has there been a company in cycling that was so complete and admired, and there probably never will be again! GT provided the entire package and the only negatives you heard of their business model came from jealousy This was the cycling glory days. There was no fear. You could ride anywhere, anytime – it was simply lifestyle.

Greed has consumed our culture. People no longer value experience, information, or education. We get customers (let’s define this better by: “consumers”) who come into the shop and inquire about products and use our inventory, experience and information to purchase elsewhere because it is a “deal” (cheaper?). Then they return with the product and ask us to install it at a “deal” price otherwise it was not a “deal” for them. This is the toughest part of retail. It is not possible in this day and age to be the “best” and the “cheapest”. If you look at it big picture the “deal” comes from being loyal. Loyalty means everything. The ability to discount is much greater when both parties are exclusive to each other. When you can count on us to give you proper and professional information as well as physical service our stock goes up. When we can count on you to support us it allows us to inventory more stock and give you the best options. There is a certain markup percentage required in business to have any kind of longevity. When you are loyal and support us it allows us to do more clinics, group rides, fundraisers, and events. All of these things take time and resources. Look at the local cycling scene – what is the common denominator? That is right – Block Bikes! We have introduced you to each other, provided events to enjoy each others company. Educated you and given you a complete cycling experience. We hope that we have done a good job and that you appreciate our efforts.

This next era is tough. People are plugged in. Our culture is not – get out and be active. It is – what I do online… We need to get back to fundamentals. We need to get outside, enjoy time with our friends face to face, be accountable and healthy. In order to do this we need to bring more people into our world. The world of the bike that we enjoy so much. We need to┬ánetwork to get our friends riding bicycles. To seeing the sun and moon and amazing desert that we live in. No more excuses, let’s make this our resolution! Block Bikes needs your help. We will devote 100% of our efforts into you and continue to be active and professional!

So the next time you find yourself looking for anything new in cycling remember that we are devoted to you and we ask that you keep that in mind. Sure the price may be cheaper on some things elsewhere but think about the overall value. We have a saying: “sometimes free is not a deal”. Everything comes at a cost, and most of the time things are not what they seem!

We are proud to say that we have been 100% original for the past decade! We haven’t done things based on what our competition does. We have created and introduced new ideas and experiences. They say: ” imitation is the biggest form of flattery”. We say it is insulting… We will continue to be original, to push the envelope and bring you our best. We hope that you will do the same for us!!! Happy Trails!!!