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My Dad gave me advice early in my racing career. He said: “you don’t have to brag or ask for attention, it will just happen if you deserve it.” Wow! What a concept. I tried to adapt that early but it was difficult, especially since I was hanging around Wayne Croasdale, the ultimate in self attention grabbing! The opposite worked for Wayne and he went on to be a legendary downhill champion. I did not want to be that kind of spotlight focused athlete. For me, I put my head down and worked and worked and worked. I was aspiring to be a Factory Sponsored Pro. It was difficult as I was losing opportunities to people with less skills and bigger mouths. I never changed my values and probably never will (and probably passed up a lot of potential offerings because of it). We are all out there doing what we like, and that doesn’t necessarily deserve a compliment. We should be doing that for ourselves. Getting kudos should not be the focus of your bike ride. I believe if someone does something worth recognizing you make a point and let them know they are bad ass.SteveSwickProfileSteve Swick is that kind of Bad Ass! Let me tell you why. He is a handshake cowboy. That means if he tells you he is going to do something – it gets done! He is the kind of cowboy that better be on your speed dial when you are in a crisis. He just simply comes through. He and his wife Dianne are the most helpful and giving human beings you can encounter. They put others way in front of their own needs and are constantly looking out for the people around them. I really got to know them a number of years ago when they asked if we needed help at a cycling event that we were promoting. They rolled out their huge 5th wheel and camp setup, about 5x the equipment that we showed up with to put the event on. First in, last out. That is how they roll. No punches pulled, no shortcuts taken.SteveSwick4Steve The Racer. It took him a long time to get to where he is today in the mountain bike race world. Let’s call them distractions. This is not a negative whatsoever but rather a definition of a bicycle racer in comparison to a rider. There are more riders at the races than racers. Meaning that they are satisfied with riding around a course rather than standing on the podium. Steve made the podium jump this year and continues to excel every month. It takes hard work, determination, suffering, experience and focus to be a champion. No amount of verbal hype can make you go faster. Shut your mouth, put your head down and get to work – that is the formula. This year Steve has figured it out and it continues to work.


No one gives it to you, you have to take it. Steve has always been competitive, and pretty damn good at everything he does. But we expect that of cowboys. He struggled early on in different events for the sheer fact that he was trying to do too much. 100 mile road bike rides, Crossfit, Triathlons, Rodeos, camping, side by sides, it just never ended. The guy was beat down, always sore, always overtrained with something that was not complimenting his cycling. The difference was Steve was building a base and the bike results weren’t the main focus. He was getting stronger, lighter, leaner, just not faster. Then in spring this year the blinders went on and MTB racing finally got it’s chance. Steve took a solid years worth of base and applied it 100% to his mountain bike events. Everything changed overnight. He went from a mid pack beginner who loved riding and finishing to series champion. The big compliment was moving up a class and going right back on the podium. Not many people are able to do that. It usually takes a full season to get the confidence and experience to win at the next level.

There are a number of ways to ride bikes. Winning races, standing on that top step, is a feeling that most people will never get to experience. When you do it is magic, it is addicting, it is the reason you continue to put in the work and improve. You are only as good as you last race and you are forgotten overnight. That is why we put the hay in the barn so to speak. This is not to say that a non-racer isn’t just as stoked on his/her training and events. That being said the stoke level of achieving your goals is always the highest! Steve has done the work, sacrificed time and effort, hown up to every event that he can get to and is no stranger to that podium. Did I mention this was all on his own program? If you want to know more you’ll have to ask him. Steve doesn’t brag…

Steve Swick is one of a kind. He is a working class cowboy – literally. He puts shoes on horses for a living. His fashion is camo, kinda like his personality. He is a nice guy who doesn’t have a tell. Never a bad attitude, always upbeat and positive. He sees the good in things. Not many people are able to do that. He does what he wants and is not influenced by nonsense. The simple old school route seems to work the best. Everything is not a race either. He can shut it down and enjoy the most casual ride. Always animated and charismatic people appreciate his personality and he is always invited to events because he is able to mesh into every crowd. OK, maybe not every crowd…
I have always considered myself a student of the sport. I would guess that Steve would say the same. We learn something every time we go on a ride. There is no ceiling, there are no limits. I hope that we look back at this a year from now and laugh and say – remember when you thought winning the sport class was so great! It will be awesome to know what that expert box feels like!!!


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Life and Times of Trinity Peck

Trinity Peck, a guy we have all come to love and respect. We have known him fit, we have known him – let’s say – not so fit… But, always a love for the bike! Family comes first so Trinity has sacrificed his ride time to do the right thing. But when the time comes and he can share the experience with his kids he takes full advantage!


This past July, Trinity surprised all of us by finishing the Tour de France Challenge on Strava. He didn’t even reveal what he was doing until the last week. He suffered some ups and downs and the whole event emotionally took it’s toll at times but he sucked it up and finished it off strong. I don’t know about you but having to do something, anything for 3 straight weeks is tough. You wake up tired, cramped, hungry, sore, it wears on you day to day. The reward is 100% self gratification. No one really knows what you go through or cares from that matter. But when you are done you are stronger, and more sure of yourself than you can imagine. We have recently witnessed Trinity’s gains from this past month and they are incredible! To truly respect what he did you would need to do it yourself. As difficult as you think that it was, you have no idea!


There are times that things are out of your control. You have to deal with adversity. Trinity has not escaped this. Some-days the most simple things are out to get you! You have to be prepared and hope for the best while expecting the worst. Evel Knievel said: “If you fall during your life, it doesn’t matter. You’re never a failure as long as you try to get up.”
Overcoming obstacles is what makes it so rewarding, if it was easy – everyone would be doing it!


Trinity has been a big part of Block Bikes for over 10 years! He has joined us for nearly every event and has been a integral part of our success. We wish him the best of luck in the future and can’t wait to see what he is up to next. Follow Trinity on Strava if you want to be inspired. He is proof that you don’t have to sign up for events, race, or draw attention to yourself to be a badass! Just do what you love – people do take notice!!!