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John Moran – A Man For The Ages


There are so many people who go through life practically unnoticed for their achievements or at least unappreciated for. Sure there are World Champions, Olympic Medalists, Marathon Winners and every other title imaginable for the elite. But, what about the working class guy. The guy who goes out day after day for no other reason but that he loves it. The guy who wakes up in the morning happy to be alive and ready to challenge another day.

This, my friends, is John Moran!


John is a wealth of knowledge and not afraid of technology. He was born in the Greatest Generation and is a proud working class American. He served in the Army during a volatile time and went into media broadcasting with the telephone company as a career. He was light years ahead of technology working communications for the Olympics, Academy Awards and other high-profile Hollywood events. This brings us to current and explains why his Strava Group: AV Road Ronin came about and all that he does to inspire local cyclists!


John is fit! He does solo 50 mile morning rides into the canyons. He loves to climb. He is deceivingly fast but racing isn’t his reason for riding. He sees things for what they are! John is one of the most positive people who you can carry on a conversation with. Maturity brings knowledge and in most cases a bitterness because of the knowledge. Not the case with Mr. Moran. You can’t help but smile when you talk to him. He is inspiring and he makes you wish you could spend a day living it though his eyes. Don’t get me wrong, he is competitive. Always working to get stronger and faster but not for the reason that most people do. He is not looking for notoriety he simply wants to cover more ground. Maybe it is to hang with the fast group. Not to win, just to be there, to be surrounded by the best. When in reality he is already better, just because of who he is!


John is a huge ambassador to the local riding community! He has promoted contests on his Strava site and donated prizes to the winners out of his own pocket. He is always recruiting and trying to bring more riders to the group. He is submerged in cycling culture. He watches, records and distributes cycling rides and races constantly. John films most of his rides and has provided us with dozens of educational videos that keep us inspired. He rides an average of 100 mile a week and put in just about 5000 miles in 2014. He is on track for an even bigger 2015 year.JohnMoran1

So next time you are out and see John ride up and have a conversation with this him. Not just small talk but a deep in-depth conversation. Whether it be cycling, lifestyle, politics, food, guns, traffic, you name it… He’ll engage you and give you a whole new perspective! It’s nice when someone asks you: “how are you doing?” and they are genuinely interested!!!


4 thoughts on “John Moran – A Man For The Ages

  1. Hey! Well written. This wonderful gentleman John is my husband. I am so proud of him.

  2. Hey John, very nice article

    The Wiz

    • Hey, Glenn, thanks, how are you doing? I hope all is well down your way. Up here in the desert it’s been a hot summer so we’re looking forward to cooler weather. Sometimes wish we were down closer to your area, like Costa Mesa where my parents lived for many years but I don’t miss the traffic. So, hope you are well & happy. Hope to see you again one of these days. Seems like when we get together it’s always a funeral.

      All my best, John

  3. This was a very unexpected honor to get a write up from Rich at Block Bikes, the premiere bike shop in the Antelope Valley. I don’t race, I struggle & suffer but it’s still nice to hear some good words. I’ve always tried to get people out to ride, even when I was younger & living in L.A. and now I’d like to get more older people (like me) to come out. The longer you wait the harder it is and, eventually, you just run out of time. Sitting around watching TV is not retirement, it’s slow death! I remember my first ride with Block several years ago, though I would die, even with the slowest group but it made me realize how out of shape I had become and got me to come out and ride more. First time up Godde I must have stopped 6 (or more) times, after three years I can make it in one (suffering, gruesome) shot! So, if there are any other old folks out there reading this, I say please come out and ride, start improving your strength, health, and probably your mood and attitude towards life, before it’s too late! And thanks much to Rich and the crew at Block Bikes for the information, encouragement, and support they give to cyclists of all ages.

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