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Dave Sullivan – Family First


Dave Sullivan came into the shop one day to look at road bikes because running was hurting too much. That is a common issue as we get older. Sooner or later the abuse of all that pounding creates takes a toll on knees and ankles. Dave was full rookie, and like many was probably expecting to find a $300 road bike. After he came to from the cold-cock of road bike sticker shock we got to talk a little. I tried to explain and educate him on the whole road experience. First off the bike itself is only half of the cost. Secondly it is only worth purchasing a road bike if you commit and actually ride it. When you ride it and can justify the miles and hours the sky is the limit on price you will be willing to pay for what you really want. We talked a little more and he asked about brands and products. I gave him my best advice: “you buy the shop not the bike”. He listened and explained to me that he had no problem buying a bike but that he felt it wasn’t fair to the family for him to spend that much money on himself. I explained to him that we had a network of riders and if he choose to get into the road bike world he would be best suited with us. I would give him all of the tools to justify the purchase and ride!


I figured like most of us he was on a strict budget, which he was, but for a different reason. He elected a pretty entry level aluminum endurance road bike and needed all of the apparel and accessories. He went over his budget but really went most economical for all necessities. We fitted him, went over the basics, and sent him on his way. The beauty in this story is Dave rode, and rode and rode. He got caught up with a Strava addiction but it was a different experience than most. He just wanted to improve. Dave did not care about what anyone else was doing. He just wanted to keep getting better, go further, and go faster. He came to the shop consistently to share his rides and get advice. What was funny was I could share my experiences with Dave and give him my advice but the fact is I was learning far more from him than him from me! He had so much passion and desire. Such a positive guy always psyched! Did I mention the lights…


Then came that day… The father’s most proud moment! His son Zach wanted to do what Dad was doing, he wanted to share the experience. Dave brought Zach to the shop. This was a whole different shopping experience. It wasn’t about budget, it wasn’t about saving money. This was for his son. Cost wasn’t the basis. Sure, you have to be thrifty and purchase within reason but he was buying something for his son, not himself and it turned into a – what is best for Zach rather than what is the lowest cost for myself. It became very clear that moment. Here is a guy who cares most for his family. To make a long story short Zach left the shop fitted, fully kitted and with a better bike than his father. Did I mention the lights…


Dave continued riding. He did weekday rides from the house and some Saturday morning Block rides. Some with Zach and some solo. He continued his Strava mission and earned his Climbers Jersey from one of the Spring Challenges. His mileage increased and his ability continued to improve. He also got some brighter lights…


Then one day a funny thing happened. Dave’s wife, Christine, witnessed Dave and Zach’s new passion and wanted in. Back to the shop came the family. This time was an even different situation. “I want the most comfortable bike for my wife.” So, Christine gets a full carbon endurance road bike. Better than Dave’s, of course and even more upgrades than Zach! We fitted her, she chose all of her, apparel, we got all of the accessories and Dave set up the LIGHTS…


The “LIGHTS” has been a funny but yet serious topic to Dave (as you can see above). Every bike has been fully equipped with blinding lights for both day and night use. He is very, very, concerned for his families safety and has done everything in his power to keep them as visible to traffic as possible. That is his main concern. Noting wrong with that mentality at all, in fact most of us would be better off if we followed suit.


All in all this is a story about family, love and health! It would be a much better world if we could share in each others family interests together more. I am immediately happy every time I see Dave come in the store. I know he is going to have something positive to say and experiences to share. He has some substantial mileage goals set and will be hitting it hard all fall and winter to achieve them. His goals have rewards and I can’t wait for that day!!!


5 thoughts on “Dave Sullivan – Family First

  1. Nice bio, great guys and family. Never a negative word from Dave, glad to see them out there riding. It’s always nice to see more friendly and positive people out on rides, it helps me to get rid of some of the negative things I see out there. And a word about Rich and BLOCK BIKES, one of the VERY few shops that cares about what is best for the rider and not what is best for the shop’s bottom line. When I go into Block I know that they are going to tell me the truth and give me advice about what I need instead of just selling me whatever is on the shelf, take my money and push me out the door! Thanks to Rich and the whole crew at Block the cycling world is better for them!

  2. Very cool Rich!!! Your passion bleeds from your shop into your customer base. Thanks for being so supportive.

  3. Dave is a great guy to know and even better to be related. He is the brother to be really proud of – when he sets his goals he often gets the job done. Continued Success!!

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