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The History of Block Bikes (Part 1)

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My name is Rich Bartlett and I would like to give you some facts about Block Bikes in a multi part story. I started this company in 2003. I was racing and none of the local shops cared. For me every day seemed life and death and I couldn’t afford to miss one day of riding because of equipment. I signed up for a race and paid my entry on line. A week before the race I ruined my cranks. I went to the local shop and ordered the part. The mechanic said come back on Thursday and he’d install it. I showed up Thursday and found out it was the mechanics day off and the part had not been ordered. Needless to say I didn’t race and more importantly never returned to that shop. I felt let down.
That same week the landlord of our screen printing shop offered me the next door unit as the current tenants were moving out within a month. We had a Block BMX team and I figured we could use it as a race headquarters and clubhouse as well as expanding our printing capabilities. Little did I know that the “clubhouse” would take off and grow into a BMX bike shop and continue to grow with mountain bikes, road bikes, and family bike & cruisers. That was never the intent it just matured.
We were honest, knew what the customer wanted from the other side of the counter, and we had a ton of experience.
The shop grew and continued to grow for the next 13 years which brings us to today. We have been successful because we put 100% of the profits back into the business. I am fortunate to be able to do this because I have a wife who supports our household. The ability to grow and expand to our current level has been to support you, our customer. It is difficult, no, it is impossible to stock everything. Especially in a small cycling community like we have. We work so hard to be original and offer rides and events. We try to include every style and ability. We also have grown the most successful athletes in the area from our race program. The results speak for themselves. It is difficult to cater to everyone’s needs but I feel that we do a great job attempting to.  It is also expensive. Our industry sets a margin of price that barely allows us to cover our overhead. Then you add the internet and discounting and we have a whole new set of issues. To have a large shop is a burden, it was a lot more fun when we were in a warehouse. But I feel we have a responsibility to you the customer to be better every day. In most cases that means bigger as well. We do our best to cater to you. I would like to think that we have never, ever, had a rider miss a race or event because we didn’t order the part or even show up. We improvise, we use our resources and do what we need to keep you rolling!
2013-11-04 11.03.21
If we don’t or haven’t I personally would like to know about it. The doors are always open or you can contact me via my email or phone anytime. Until next issue…CortneyShopPic

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