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Build – a – Butcher

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Build – a – Butcher  (2017 Block Bikes Sponsorship Opportunity)BuildAButcher.jpg

Are you a kid who loves bikes but you don’t know where to get started?
Are you a parent who wants their kid to do more than play video games?
I have put together a program for the entire 2017 year – but I am missing a huge element – the kid!!!
This will be a hand picked individual of my choice! After-all I am the one who is going to have to spend the time with them!
First off the qualifications… You must have your parents blessing. They don’t have to be involved (although we hope they will be) but they must sign off on everything we plan to do – training, racing, travelling, etc.
You must be enrolled in school with at least passing grades to start. Passing grades will no longer be acceptable once the program starts – the expectations will be high for everything and there will be higher expectations for the future.
You must have the personality of wanting to be better! 
Getting by and doing the minimum will not cut it! You must be driven, willing to put in work, and be coach able – meaning you can listen.
I am not looking for a star athlete – I am looking for “RUDY”!
A kid with heart and desire, a kid with goals, a kid with passion!
The goal for this project is to document a kids progress for a year. Watch them progress, excel, learn, apply, win and lose!
It will not be easy! 
We have proof that our program works watching Sean McElroy and Angelo Loskota growing up with us! But we can only do so much, the desire has to come from within! You have to put in the work yourself!
The kid will be given, bikes, gear, & travel. We will document everything that we do. There will be tons of homework, training, education, history as well as riding. School will come first – our program will be a close second. There will be no extra time for other activities so if you are already enrolled in other sports or clubs it would not work for us.
To apply – Please read this carefully!
You must hand write a letter telling me why you want to be a part of the Build-A-Butcher program. In the letter I would like to know your name, age, sporting background, bike riding experience (if any), current GPA at school, parent participation (yes or no), why you deserve an opportunity, and what you would want out of it. If you can’t follow these simple directions then you probably won’t make it past the first cut. 
The letter can be scanned and emailed, mailed or dropped off to Block Bikes. Please include a way to get a hold of you once we receive it.
The second part will be to make a video. Post it up using the hashtag #buildabutcher. You can use the Block Bikes Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. The video does not have to be impressive or technical. It is merely to show the ability to promote through social media and document activity.
This project will kick off on or before January 1, 2017.
We will choose on or before that date if we find the right candidate.
So get to work and show me what you got!
I look forward to the entries!

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